Creatures of Desire x Megan Dalke x Iceland

The raw, rugged and natural beauty that I captured in Iceland two summers ago seemed only fitting to pair with the latest shots I took of Megan, a rad model visiting from New York. We had an awesome time in our jewelry making space turned photography studio for the day. Simple blacks and whites from Acne, Zara and Topshop were paired with our new sterling silver handmade pieces created here in Vancouver, BC. Each piece carefully named after some extremely amazing and influential musicians, bands (Floyd, Dylan, Stevie, to name a few) and of course the stones and shapes themselves. Make sure to visit the Wolf Circus website to purchase your favourite piece!

Thank-you to the team that helped out with this shoot.

Megan Dalke - Model
Karly Paranich - MUA/Hair
Fiona Morrison - Jewelry Mastermind
Brian Van Wyk - Assistant & Behind the scenes shooting

All images shot by yours truly,

Grey Scale

I'm still buzzing over the change of colours and the chill in the air. While it's still sunny 'round my parts of the world now. I'm jumping the gun and leaving the colours to the gorgeous late afternoon sunsets while I deck myself out in some monochromatic grey looks with a little silver sparkle courtesy of the Fishbone Necklace layered with the Sharks Tooth Pendant, the Quartz Stud Earrings and lots of Stacking Rings. These are all the wonderful things in my head, from Alexander Wang knits to the grey-haired babe Linda Rodin:


Bryanna is wearing the 

Outfits we love

Plaid, long trench coats and lots of layering. 
everything we are loving for fall.

still deciding if wearing Birkenstocks in Vancouver in the winter is appropriate?

Bowie Necklace

bowie necklace // bowie ring // floyd bracelet
sweater - acne // purse - acne // shoes - zara

a sneak peak of some of the higher end line Creatures of Desire available in two weeks.