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addicting and fun to do in class
nuff said. 

half moon breastplate

new wolf circus half moon breastplate
have not been able to take this necklace off
it matches with absolutely everything

s u m m e r . h e a r t

the sun finally popped out today and it definitely felt like spring
even more so all my midterms are complete and now 
I can do something other than hang in the library all day. 
here are a few small shots on my way to school
wearing some wolf circus bracelets, the gold one will be available soon

New Gypsy Riot Products

all available online here

t h a t s . s o m e . d r e a m

a little DIY colar I made out of an old leopard print shirt from Value Village.
I will definitely be attaching this guy to a number of my outfits..
also wearing new Wolf Circus skull studs
and Wolf Circus black bolt bracelet
both available here

d r a w . y o u r . s w o r d s

pretty obsessed with these little colar clips I bought
detachable gold clips that you can put onto all your shirt colar
$10 from eBay. definitely worth it.  

only if for a night

wearing; wolf circus gold bolt necklace, motel jeans, funktional jacket

a little lookbook post while im away enjoying a much needed reading break
after a rough week of mid terms i am not sure i can even pick up another text book
so hopefully a few days in whistler helps me forget my busy school life
annd lets hopee for some fresh poww and bluebird days. 

Wolf Circus Spring 2012

Sneak peak of Wolf Circus Spring 2012 Shoot
Photographer: Jennifer Dickinson
Model: Therese (Coultish Management)
Hair: Seungmin Yoo (Fish Salon)
Makeup: Christina Baker (Fish Salon)
Stylist: Fiona Morrison
Assistant: Lauren Campbell

i miss wearing these everyday
just saying. 
summer should hurry up a little bit

Giorgia Tordini's style is pretty amazing