leopard print shoes.

silver spear pendant - wolfcircus.com // shoes - zara // bomber - vintage 

as a person, I basically do everything at the speed of light. 
I walk fast, I talk fast and I can eat a bag of candy like a superhuman.
how? these shoes. I swear to god they make you run faster, everyone should have a pair. 

This vintage bomber I picked up on a recent trip to London 
( I promise i'm not as cool as that statement sounds)
its the perfect mix of leather badass, but warm and goes perfectly with all black. 
I could try other colours, but im living in stockholm now and it's all about black on black on black. 

the wild hunt.

gold spike necklace - wolfcircus // vest - zara // tshirt - weekday // cape - monki

I think i can layer this leather vest with just about everything i own. 


Carin Wester

I am in love with this Carin Wester coat and I really cannot tell if it's a good idea or not. 
it's not all that warm, but it looks really rad
and occasionally looking like a badass > warmth right?
my father would kill me if he saw my decision making processes going towards this possible purchase

silver spear & little details

silver spear necklace - wolf circus available here //
 knit sweater - Monki // gold stacking rings - wolf circus // denim dress - Monki 

golden state.

necklace - wolfcircus.com // jacket - zara // booties - vegabond // jeans - Citizens // blouse - monki

I have not done a look post in a while so I thought I would maybe start again
very swedish esq style with the black on black and button down shirt
also repping the wolf circus gold bold colar necklace
always makes a killer statement and super easy to wear


as some of you may or may not know I am currently on exchange in Stockholm
( don't worry all your wolf circus orders are being very well taken care of!)
here is a small trip i took to LONDON with the wonderful Lauren of Hey Jude Vintage
all the photography has been done by her.