Garden Party

Photography thankyou to Kim Webber

wearing asos dress and tights
Wolf Circus bird skull pendant (available soon)
Wolf Circus Bullet Shell Necklace in silver (available soon)

all photos taken by Amy & Richard and styled by Khloe Campbell

amazing photo shoot as this girl looks stunning. photographer did an amazing job
these photos also feature a green vintage Wolf Circus Bracelet which is available here online. 

all photos oracle fox

I will add some photos of a photo shoot that Chloe from Bliss Boutique did with one of my Wolf Circus Pieces. I will also have many more of my own photos along with a look book & outfit shots up soon. Excuse me around this time of year as exams suck. I am seriously lacking time to do anything that involves the word fun. I don't see that word written all over the library anywhere. I feel as though many other people feel the same pain. Hopefully my blog is a quick getaway to pretty things and badass crystals from reality. 

roadd tripp

photos taken from fade to black; anniieemal; unknown

I think that apart of growing up teachers should allow us to just leave school for a week and go on a road trip. I think its pretty crucial that your dying need to go travel can be craved at any moment. if you believe hard enough math will teach itself. 

Wolf Circus in Lark and Sparrow

Online Store

The Online Store Official in now Open!  
I am hoping all products will be up by Wednesday Evening 
I am currently still missing my Leather Feather Earrings 
But all Necklaces & Bracelets are up!