Sneak Peak

Crystals are about 1-3 inches long.
The christian charm in the last photo is a vintage italian charm 

Assorted Lockets only 3 available 

Vintage Holland Delft pendants
all glass cabochons

Vintage Earring which I made into a necklace 
Jade Stone inside

Vintage Italian Christian Charm

Leather Feather Earrings
there will be an assorted variety of these available at Lark & Sparrow

This is a small sneak peak of some of the collection i have been working on
I will put more photos up soon along with sales information

These photos I have accumulated over time from random sources
the last one is I've got a lust for life

Sample Creation

Wire wrapped purple amethyst crystal
All crystals are pre soaked in salt water in order to remove any bad energies
These will be available at the end of the month along with bullet shell crystals
& any other lovely creations.

Unearthed Gems

Bullets & Crystals. 
I am making this style for Lark and Sparrow
All my jewelry should be done by the end of the month
pss. This photo is not mine its just to show people an idea of what im doing

Watch & Adore..

Wildfox 2011 Campaign

Lark & Sparrow Boutique

Absolutely Adorable boutique in Victoria